ISO 22301:2012

Would your business survive if there was a major cyber-attack? What if your largest client left? Are you ready for Brexit? What if your area was hit with extreme weather or there was an office fire? These are just some of the thing’s businesses need to be thinking about in order to ensure they can continue operations should the worst happen. Enter ISO 22301:2012, a Business Continuity Management a management system that helps to plan, establish and implement systems to ensure you are prepared should a crisis occur.

Once you implement a BCP you will need to monitor, review, maintain and to continually improve to protect your company’s interested parties and develop the resilience of your organisation during and after a disruptive incident. It applies to any company irrelevant of size or industry and it will increase competitive advantage and enhance your company’s reputation.

The High-Level Structure used within ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 etc. is used for this standard, making it easier to achieve a better integration of multiple standards. By implementing this standard and completing third party certification you may benefit your company by: -

• Reducing the regularity and impact of disruptions

• Giving your customers confidence in the company’s ability to respond to and manage incidents

• Benefiting your reputation and shows continual improvement

• Gaining a competitive advantage through third party certification with this International Standard.

It’s hard to prevent things from going wrong, but you can ensure you are prepared.


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