New International Standard on anti-bribery, ISO 37001 in development

The new ISO 37001 Standard relates to Anti-Bribery Management Systems and specifies requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an Anti–Bribery Management System. The requirements include the adoption of an Anti-Bribery Policy, appointing a responsible person to oversee anti-bribery compliance, training, relevant risk assessment and due diligence of projects and associates, implementing financial and commercial controls, and reporting and investigation procedures.

ISO 37001 can be used by any organisation, no matter of its size, its sector or country in which it is based. It is a flexible tool, which can be adapted according to the size and nature of the organisation and the bribery risk it faces.

Over 80 experts, from 37 participating countries, 22 observer countries and 8 liaison organisations, are involved in the drafting of the standard and BS 10500 is being used as the base document. The draft is currently at Committee Draft 2 stage. The final standard is expected to be published in October 2016. CQS will keep you informed of developments and our service programmes once the Standard is released.

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